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Water Sustainability and Resilience – We Need Direct Potable Reuse

There was an excellent panel discussion this morning sponsored by GE Water & Process Technologies on the topic of water sustainability and resilience. Molly Mayo, Partner at Meridian Institute moderated the panel which included: – Ralph Exton, Chief Marketing Officer, GE Water & Process Technologies – Matt Ries, Chief Technical Officer, Water Environment Federation – […]


Self-Cleaning Irrigation Filters – Banana Farm

Self-Cleaning Irrigation Filters Save Water, Bring Maintenance and Labor Costs to Zero Mesa Agro-Industrial needed a maintenance-free, automatic, self-cleaning filtration system for a 1000+ acre banana and green plantain farm in Puerto Rico. Mesa needed to help their client protect the drip irrigation system that supplies water to the banana and plaintain groves.  The farm […]

Spring Cleaning With Forsta Filters

It’s Time for Spring Cleaning with Forsta Filters! With longer days and warmer weather it’s the perfect time to get filtration projects underway.  Whether in the industrial, municipal, or irrigation sector Forsta Filters has a self-cleaning screen filter for you. Compared to other filter technologies self-cleaning water filters are more cost-effective, automatic, produce less wastewater, […]

Forsta Filters Case Study for Irrigation Application.

Irrigation Solutions by Forsta Filters When irrigation systems are unprotected, dirt and debris collect in sprinkler nozzles and quickly disrupt spray patterns. Regardless of sprinkler head spacing, clogged nozzles can cause uneven coverage leading to brown patches and severe damage. Left unchecked, clogged nozzles become completely obstructed and must be replaced. This requires regular maintenance, […]

Drip Irrigation Protection Installation

Forsta Filters Serves the City of Santa Maria

Forsta Filters is proud to provide another self-cleaning automatic irrigation filter. The application draws water from a well, and the B2-90 filter provides protection from sand and other debris in the water source before it reaches spray nozzles and drip emitters. Designed to clean automatically, the controller monitors the pressure differential across the screen filter. […]

Forsta Filters Announces: Water Stewardship Discount

With a commitment to furthering the sustainable use of water, Forsta Filters offers a  discount on projects involving improvements to industrial, infrastructure and agricultural/irrigation design. Sustainable development has emerged in consumer awareness as a result of increased public demand for conscientious business practice and added regulations. Forsta’s full line of self-cleaning screen filters are distinctively […]

Industrial Water Filtration Equipment Protection

Tired of cleaning and replacing costly filter bags and cartridges? Let Forsta automatic self-cleaning water filters do the work for you.

  Forsta industrial water filter full flow Forsta Filters Inc. has revolutionized the world of filtration with its point-of-suction, automatic backwash filters, utilizing the inlet filter pressure to hydraulically clean the screen. A high porosity rigid screen strains suspended particles from the process water, trapping debris on the inside of the screen. This layer of […]

Well Filter

New M-90 Self-Cleaning Irrigation Filter

Forsta Filters has released the M-90 automatic water filter. It offers an extremely compact and easy-to-install design. At less than 12 inches tall, it can incorporate into nearly any piping system. Automatic backwash allows the filter to clean itself as needed and requires almost no routine maintenance. A stainless steel body, screen, and components make […]

Cooling tower water systems utilize filtration to protect critical downstream equipment

Cooling tower water systems utilize filtration to protect critical downstream equipment Multi-element self-cleaning strainers provide continuous full stream protection with minimal backwashing or maintenance Cooling towers are virtual vacuum cleaners for air and water-borne particulate that can foul valuable downstream equipment such as spray nozzles, welding operations, chillers, heat exchangers, and small bore piping. Unlike […]