Mining Water Filters

Vertical Mining Water Filters

3x F12-LP180V-316L Mining Water Filters with High Porosity 200u 316L Stainless Screens

Mining Water Filters

Regardless of the resource being mined, water is used for a variety of purposes in mining operations. Water in mine processes may be corrosive, and require the use of corrosion resistant mining water filters. Common filtration applications at mining sites include effluent filtration, intake filtration, process water filtration for dust mitigation systems, wash water, process reuse filtration, precious metal extraction solutions (heap leach) etc. The 180 Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Series filters offer an ideal solution for corrosion resistance in mining filtration applications. Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic, or Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) is a composite material or fiber-reinforced polymer made of a plastic reinforced by fine fibers made of glass. All wetted components of the FRP Series self-cleaning filters are constructed from corrosion-resistant plastic or other high alloy materials. Mining Water Filters Where FRP is not required, high-grade stainless alloys may be used as well. Forsta self-cleaning filters for mining operations are also available from 304 & 316L stainless, Duplex/Super Duplex Stainless, and more. Forsta specializes in custom, highly engineered equipment designed to operate in the most demanding environments with minimal water loss.

Typical applications for mining water filters:

  • Heach Leap Filtration
  • Brine Effluent Filtration
  • Process Reuse Filtration
  • Cooling Water Filtration
  • Industrial Process Water
  • Wash Water Filtration

Forsta Self-Cleaning Filters; Mining, Efficiency, and the Water/Energy Nexus

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