Chemical Industry Water Filters

Sulfuric acid, nitrogen, ethylene, oxygen, propylene, and chlorine are among the most commonly produced chemicals in the chemical industry. The uses of these manufactured compounds are wide-ranging; from the production of fertilizer (sulfuric acid), to quick freezing of food (liquid nitrogen), to the production of synthetic rubber (ethylene) to eliminate waterborne pathogens (chlorine); the list goes on and on.

The chemical industry, similar to much of the manufacturing industry, uses water during the production process.  Water may be used for either creating products or cooling equipment used in creating products. Industrial water is used for fabricating, processing, washing, diluting, cooling, or transporting a product. Industries producing chemical products use large amounts of water. Regardless of what the water is being used for within the production process, filtration is essential to ensure efficient operations. Sufficient filtration ensures product quality, energy and water efficiency and sustainability.

Forsta industrial water filters are ideal for use in chemical industry filtration applications. The automatic backwash cycle of Forsta self-cleaning filters ensures that there will be no interruption to system flow (i.e. production). Additionally, Forsta offers water filters for the chemical industry from a variety of high grade stainless materials and FRP, for environments that may be corrosive.

Costly and inefficient effluent discharge has inspired many faculties to implement re-use of process water for secondary processes. Recycling process water through a chemical industry water filtration system provides some insurance against the potential strain posed by local source water scarcity.

Where process water cannot be reused, particle reduction through an industrial water filter is often beneficial in reducing effluent costs.

Typical Applications:

  • River Water Filtration
  • Well Water Filtration
  • Surface Water Filtration
  • Process Water Filtration
  • Cooling Circuit Protection
  • Cooling Tower Filtration
  • Polishing of Effluent Prior to Discharge

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