Tired of cleaning and replacing costly filter bags and cartridges? Let Forsta automatic self-cleaning water filters do the work for you.

Posted on martes, agosto 24, 2010


Forsta industrial water filter full flow

Forsta Filters Inc. has revolutionized the world of filtration with its point-of-suction, automatic backwash filters, utilizing the inlet filter pressure to hydraulically clean the screen. A high porosity rigid screen strains suspended particles from the process water, trapping debris on the inside of the screen. This layer of suspended solids causes a pressure differential between the inlet and the outlet. The automatic backwash controller monitors the pressure differential between the inlet and outlet and at 7psi differential, the automatic cleaning cycle is initiated for a duration of 5-15 seconds. During the cleaning cycle, the suction nozzles scan the entire screen area multiple times and removing the layer of particles without interrupting the main system flow, as is the case for many other filter technologies. The point of suction Green-Clean technology gives Forsta filters an advantage by using less water per backwash and minimizing the energy required to operate the filter. 

Cooling water is constantly contaminated by, dust, dirt, silt, vegetation, insects and microbiological organisms, which can greatly reduce the efficiency of a cooling system and increase energy cost. 
Forsta filters provide an ideal solution for full flow or side stream filtration. Filter sizes range from 1″ to 30″ in pipe size, and offer flow rates up to 8,000gpm in a single unit.  Placing Forsta filter between the pump discharge and your equipment will prevent fouling and scaling that will maximize the performance of your equipment and minimize unnecessary shutdown, for optimal plant  productivity. 


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